Lewes FC Vets


We also have a spin-off squad, training on a Weds (7-8pm, six weeks in summer excluded), who play approximately 20 weekend games (usually Sunday) a year against other veteran teams, either in FA-regulated competitions or friendlies.
Sorry, but according to FA rules, this is for men only, and over 37s only.
16 squad members per game are chosen according to attendance in Weds/Fri games, rather than ability, and everybody who qualifies gets at least 60 minutes game time.
See our Team selection policy

This team is officially affiliated with Lewes FC, and we wear the official Rooks kit.

Becoming a Lewes FC Mens Veteran

We are a group of men over the age of 37. We are a constituted Community Group with an Annual General Meeting in July. We all love playing football. Some of us are interested in making friendship and building communities, others less so. Some of us like a beer, some of us are keep-fit intensive. We all pay £29 a month to be part of a squad that has 40 places. Our £29 goes towards paying £10k+ 3G fees, as well as all the other costs associated with running a football club. For our £29, we get:

  • 48 opportunities to play on Friday Night Football 8-10pm

  • 44 opportunities to train and play football on Wednesday Nights 7-8pm

  • 15 Lewes FC fixtures, as part of the Mid Sussex League, the Sussex FA Veterans Challenge Cup and friendlies

  • 3 In-house Lewes FC cups featuring players from the squads and Friday Nights, with social events afterwards (Christmas Party/Bull-Herrmann Cup/Family Fun Day and AGM)

  • A Season ticket to all Lewes FC league games, men and women


We play in a Lewes FC kit and by joining up we agree to:

a)      Pay our £29 by Direct Debit until August 2019 (injury time included)

b)      Download Whatsapp and communicate by this means

c)      Download Teamsnap and use it to communicate if you intend to play in a match,  1 week in advance

d)      Discuss membership with chairman/manager if you are expected to be injured for over 3 months (we expect you to pay otherwise)

e)      Sign up to the club values

f)       Agree to make ourselves available for Lewes FC fixtures whenever we are able to attend and fit to play

If you are interested in joining, come along and play on Fridays or contact to Pete Bull
Quite a few of us volunteer for the club and are developing new skills as well.